March 13, 2009

Weekend to Remember

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Weekend to Remember marriage conference in Sunriver. It was great to get away, even on a Sunday, and focus on us. We got 2nd place for shortest time married and it got me thinking, "should we really be here?" It was sad to see so many couples that were there as a "last ditch effort" and we didn't relate to so much of the content because we've only been married for 7 months! But the weekend proved me wrong. It was the perfect timing for us in our marriage and God completely went before, providing great conversations and areas of growth and refinement. If you're married, have you gone to a conference? GO! Don't get comfortable in your marriage or start letting things drift. You have an incredible opportunity to have a fruitful marriage that goes against the grain of our culture. We are so thankful to have gained marital wisdom from this weekend and going to this conference before the you-know-what hit the fan!

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