June 6, 2009

Our Sarahs....

This has been a fun and exciting week for the Sarahs in our life.

Sarah #1- Sarah Gillihan

Sarah graduated on Wednesday night, woo hoo! We went to the Memorial Colisium to celebrate and then got to celebrate again today at her grad party. She is such a wonderful example of integrity and purity and has so much to be proud of. Yay Sarah!

Sarah #2- Sarah Haege

Jordan's younger sister Sarah is here to visit and we have being having such a blast with her! It's fun to hang out with her for an extended period of time and she is becoming such a fun and talented gal! Here's a few pictures of our adventures thus far, we still have 2 1/2 more days to play!!

Our funny cookies that turned out like chocolate chip pancakes! =)

An intense game of Wii!

My day at the beach with two photographers.... I went in shops while they did this! =)

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