October 31, 2009

The next step for Jordan

Jordan starts a new job on Monday! We are both really excited about the change and feel very confident that this is indeed the right next step for not only Jordan's career, but our family. He has so loved his job at Grace Chapel over the past five years, and it has been such a safe place to learn, grow, and at times, fail. Jordan is the man he is in so many ways thanks to the team at Grace. Jordan will be going full-time with I58:10 Media, a media house that partners with non-profits. He has already been working 10 hours a week for the last year with I58:10 and we are so excited for this transition. Because they help non-profits with media/design, they have taken on Grace Chapel as a client and Jordan will still work at the church one day a week- it is seriously the best of both worlds for us!
Tuesday Jordan had his last staff meeting at Grace Chapel and he was greatly surprised to get one of Angie's fabulous candy bar posters. Thanks everyone for the nice gifts and support. Jordan thought it would be fitting to spend the day "remembering" his time at Grace through t-shirts. Here he is...

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