December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I always get a little sentimental and yet also hopeful on December 31st. The past year has been equally fun and memorable as it has been hard and painful.

Some highlights from 2009:
*Jordan and Jess's travels- Sunriver, Hood River, San Francisco, Mt Hood, Captiva Florida, Cannon Beach, Seattle with Grace staff, and Jordan went to Catalyst West in LA.
*Became high school leaders in August with an awesome group of kids and great leadership
*Celebrated our first anniversary! and the first anniversary of owning a home!
*Jess walk/ran a half marathon in June
*Jordan started a new job at I58:10 Media

I'm not going to list low-lights, that's no fun! But there has been a lot of change and transition in our lives this year and the unending process of refinement is often difficult but so worth it. I know Jordan and I are better because of our 2009 low-lights.

I wonder what 2010 holds? More possibilities, more memory-making and of course more difficult times too. Today I decided to do a few things to say goodbye to 2009. I went to Goodwill and got rid of that big pile in the garage, got my haircut, am sending off packages and doing returns, and I cancelled my gym membership. Yes you heard that right. I CANCELLED my membership. It felt so weird as our culture pushes us toward products and specials to get healthy this season. I didn't use it enough and the rate was about to double, no thanks! Doesn't mean I won't join somewhere else, but it was a good reminder to get rid of the excess and to live simple, enjoy my blessings, and watch what the Lord has next.

Wishing you and yours the best for 2010.

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