February 5, 2010

Changed- that's me!

If I look at my life from the past two years through the lens of just my Children's Ministry job, I might say it's been the best two years I've ever had. I've often described our working relationship with the only work that seemed fitting "synergy". There has been a unity, like-mindedness and natural flow about the way Angie and Cheryl and I have worked together. Despite all the changes and "storms" that have hit in a broader sense, our little team of 3 has remained strong and steady.

But change is inevitable, right? Isn't change just so hard? If you told me 6 months ago that today it would be over I wouldn't believe you. But that's the nature of change; it's often unexpected. I'm just so thankful that God knew this all along and has truly provided all I've needed to make it into the next season.

Angie, my boss, will have her last Sunday with us this coming weekend. We are so excited for her new position at ANLM (the organization I went to Rwanda with) and know that she will be used greatly and challenged to reach new heights in her our life. I know that we just can't know yet what it will feel like to have her gone.

In case you don't know Angie, let me share a story that may help you understand her better. I was at a conference and the speaker said, "Come on, let's be real. It's not like when we walk into work our boss claps their hands and proclaims 'Hooray! You're here!'" Okay, I'm not kidding, I was the only one in the room that it ACTUALLY happens to- weekly.

At a lunch in honor of Angie this week we were asked to name what we've learned from her. As I started to think about it, I honestly haven't learned more from any one else in my life. The moment I met her 5 years ago, I knew I had to be in relationship with her. The challenge, prayer, generosity, mentorship, camaraderie, support, and honesty she has given me have dramatically changed me. I have never met another person with a heart and passion so similar to my own. And isn't the Lord so good to send someone farther down the journey to give us hope and strength to press in and not just take the easy road.

So... long story short... I will be forever grateful for the past two years and how they have shaped me professionally, in my relationship with the Lord, in my marriage, in my perspective, and in how I will one day parent my children.

Changed- that's me!

Our last day of work together! =(

So... Angie is the QUEEN of candy bar posters and I think Jordan and I have received like 4! It was only fitting to send her on her way with one of her own. Come to find out this was her first candy bar poster TO her, I was shocked!

We had to crown her at her last staff meeting!
Our team

Because Angie is SO joyful we needed to rearrange and change up our office so it didn't feel so lonely without her! Goodbye blues, hello sunshine!

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