May 31, 2010


We had a total BLAST at Disneyland with my Aunt Janet, Uncle Glenn, Uncle Paul, cousins Carleigh and Emma, and of course our good friend Lance. Our SoCal relatives said it was the most rides they had been on in one day at Disneyland in years.. so all in all, it was a really good day!

We didn't go to California Adventure but had to get our picture with the "C"!!!

Jordan's sad he can't get the sword from the stone.

How can you not be excited to go on "It's a Small World"?!?!

Jess with cousin Emma- I remember holding her at the hospital when she was born, now she's in 6th grade!!!4 of the Schneider girls; Emma, Jessie, Caleigh, Aunt Janet

My Uncle Paul got our family a stone in the entryway to Disneyland at the 50th anniversary a few years ago, cool! My dad said Jordan should get a sharpie to add his name! ;)

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