October 18, 2010

nyc part 1

This summer we were SO BLESSED to travel to New York City with Jordan's family to celebrate his sweet sister Sarah as she spent 3 weeks at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. We are seriously so proud of her and all she has already accomplished in her photography at only 16!

We had 5 great days to explore all the beauty of the big apple. So, here's our trip, in photos. This will be several parts. =)

Our trip to New York was 1 week before our 2 year anniversary so we celebrated our 2 years of wedded bliss on the trip. I got Jordan a new pair of Toms, but isn't the wrapping paper fun???

Here we are on the plane, we flew red-eye and arrived in NYC at 6am. It was exhausting, but it was totally worth not wasting a day for travel.

First stop: breakfast. We started off at "Penelopes" in Midtown. It was fantastic!

Then off to check out the 5th floor balcony at our hotel. So fun, right? Jordan and I had great plans of morning coffee on the balcony but we were SO tired every night from all the exploring that we would end up sleeping until the last minute. Oh well, at least we enjoyed free wine at 5pm most evenings. =)

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