January 11, 2011

new york part 2

Here it is! Looking at these photos reminds me how hot it was that week and how nice some heat would feel right about now!

Washington Square
Greenwich Village; Two notes about this picture. 1) Where's Waldo search for Jordan, do you see him in the photo? 2) I tried to imagine what my life would be like if I lived in the house with the red door and I couldn't, it would be just too fabulous!
Highland Park: a park built on old train tracks a few stories high. So fun!
Tom Colicchio's restaurant "Craft Bar". It was so amazing and there was even a Tom look alike a few tables over, so I went ahead and pretended it was actually Tom to make it all the more amazing.

Central Park FountainCold drinks at the Central Park Boat House were much needed!

Cafe Lalo: Where Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks meet (remember her rose on the table?) in "You've Got Mail"; such an amazing breakfast.

Times Square at night = zoo!
Got to see Promises, Promises with Sean Hays and Kristen Chenoweth =)

Project Runway shout out!

Grand Central Station

There you go, one more part to go for the NYC trip. =)

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