January 17, 2011

preparing for spring

A sunny day! In January! In Portland! It's been a beautiful day today so I knew I'd be silly not to take advantage of 53* weather (sad to say, but that really is a treat). I haven't worked in our yard since.... Oct? Nov? It's been long enough that I really can't remember. So, here is a before... lots of leaves, weeds, and debris....

And after! Not a big change =) but I got rid of 2 buckets full of leaves and gunk. I also aerated the soil and pruned plants so they are ready for their big debut this spring.
Even that one little plant in the middle has tiny white blooms which totally made me smile. I will let you in on one of my little tricks. See the white stick between the flowering plant and boxwood shrub on the right? Yes, that is a little sign that says "lily". In other words, "Jessica, this is a plant. Don't step on it, pull at it's growth thinking they are weeds, or accidentally dig it up!"
Awaiting blooms on my rhododendron. This is one of the first to bloom every year bright pink flowers. I have another one that blooms purple a few months later. I love their progression.
My little potted pansy has done well this winter. I pruned it back so more flowers can grow =)
Another early bloomer, my daphne odora is almost ready. It always smells beautiful which is why it is by the front door!
Looking good pansies!

I can't wait for new life to pop up all over our yard this spring. =)

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