January 29, 2011

trying again & again

Jordan and I have been looking for a new lamp for our downstairs for a several months. I've been looking at Pottery Barn, Target, TJ Maxx, World Market, etc... Then when we were at Home Depot a few weeks ago buying some random item, I came across a lamp that had "potential" and was on clearance for only $13 for both the base and shade. Perfect! Next we stood at the aisle of spray paints trying to determine what color would fit with our living room space. We agreed upon navy blue and headed home. The shade ended up looking better upstairs in our room and we had a beautiful white shade that would fit this one. So I spray painted it and all looked great. I waited for it to dry and then did a second coat on the bottom and DIASTER! When I came to check on it after the second spray the paint had bubbled and warped in multiple spots. I think it was too cold when I did it; I can't imagine why 30* temps are not suitable for painting? So I tried sanding the vase in the bumpy spots and re-sprayed. Well now you could see the lines around the sanded area. So I sanded again for a more even transition. Nope, still noticeable.

I was sharing my sad story with my friend Janelle who suggested to try a paint stripper. I was so excited that there was yet another hope for my little lamp. I stripped the paint off and that brings us here...

This is the sad, sorry mess of a lamp base. But I figured I would try to spray it one more time and hope for the best. All my dedication paid off and it turned out perfectly! Now it looks like this...

Reasons I love this lamp:
1) It goes great in the room
2) I already loved the shade.
3) Every time I see it I a reminded that it was worth all the effort!

Total cost: $16; end result- the lamp for living room and a new shade upstairs! Woot woot!

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