February 15, 2011

hello yellow

It's been a busy few days around our house as I have been painting and we have been rearranging like crazy! We decided a few months ago to move the rooms around in our 2 extra rooms upstairs and once we landed on themes/colors and when the paint went on sale, the projects began!

We are not finished to say the least, but I thought it would be fun to allow you all to journey with us from the beginning to the finished product. This is a season of life where I'm learning to be ok with the process and not get so hung up on things always being at the "finish line". Here's my attempt of living in the process....

A few before pictures, I didn't get Jordan's desk in there because he already moved it out, but you'll get the basic idea...

In the picture above, the desk was in that big empty space.
Goodbye blue and HELLO YELLOW! (It's not really this bright in person, but wow this picture makes it seem like it is!)
An empty yellow room

Now a guest bedroom =)
This is by far the least lit room in our house and has always felt dark and drab. We are excited how the mustard yellow brightens and livens up the room!

There are so many fun things to come with this room and I will just give a few hints. The finishing touches will include: a stencil, fence boards, cream & gray paint, white frames, etc...

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