February 8, 2011

p.s. i love you, jo jo

Valentines Day is just a few days away and in light of that I thought I'd share a craft project festive to the occasion. I saw this idea on one of my favorite blogs, "Under the Sycamore Tree" and thought I'd try it out. I went on an adventure to Goodwill to find a book and was able to find the perfect book for my Valentine's day themed decor: "P.S. I Love You"! It's perfect.
So I cut out the pages, hand cut hearts of all shapes and sizes and ran them through the sewing machine to make strands. It was so easy! I maybe spent an hour cutting the hearts and 30 minutes sewing.

I multi-tasked and cut hearts while "watching" the Superbowl
The scraps with a view of the delicious cupcakes my mom made for superbowl!
Sorry for the bad lighting, but here they are hanging in our entry window. I love the way the light shines through the hearts.

I decided to also make one going the other direction to hang on our fireplace.

Oh and, p.s. i love you jo jo!

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