February 21, 2011

Slappy Cakes review

This weekend Jordan and I had a fun opportunity to check out a new restaurant with our good friend Stan who was in town this past week. Stan and his family are moving to Portland in April and we are thankful for our newly growing friendship with them and our partnership in the good work Stan & Patricia do as a part of the Living Water team. Check out more at www.water.cc

So the three of us went to "Slappy Cakes" a cute, modern spot on SE Belmont in Portland. Basically you can order your choice of pancake batter and then toppings/mix-ins and cook your own pancakes right at your table! So fun.

We went with 3 batters: sweet potato, whole wheat, and buttermilk. Then for toppings we got: bananas, apples, goat cheese, pecans, and spicy sausage. A crazy mix!! Each pancake was amazing, but my favorite was a weird but delicious combination of sweet potato batter with apples, goat cheese, and sausage. They also have good traditional options like chocolate chips, blueberries, and so on...

The batters are just $6 and the toppings between $1-$3 each. Including a coffee, cider, and the tip Jordan and I only paid about $20. Not bad! We would highly recommend this fun breakfast spot. TIP: get there early! They don't take reservations for small parties and luckily we were there at 8:30, so we only waited about 15 minutes, but by the time we left it was a zoo!

Stan's amazing Bloody Mary complete with a full slice of bacon!

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  1. Yes...I have heard of this fun restaurant...the only thing is I am not a big fan of pancakes...darn! But it looks great :) BTW love the yellow in your bedroom!