March 1, 2011


Portland was surprised last week with a snow day! However, one of the bummers of Jordan working from home is that he can't call in to work saying that he can't make it to the office because the office is mere steps from the bedroom!!

So instead of a free day, we decided to start the day with snow-day-pancakes, aka "snowcakes"!
This handy Cuisinart panini/griddle is FABULOUS! My mom got it for us for Christmas and we have loved it for paninis and finally flipped the grates over and turned it into a griddle for pancakes. It worked great and my favorite feature is that they can go in the dishwasher!
After our trip to Slappy Cakes, I was inspired to use a squirt-bottle for my homemade whole-wheat, no-sugar added pancake mix.
A great morning at the Chesbrough home. =)

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