April 13, 2011

25 before 25

This was scheduled to post yesterday, but something went wrong. Oops! Here it is now...

It is exactly one month until my 25th birthday and I have to say I'm pretty excited about this one. We don't have extravagant party plans and I don't anticipate any over-the-top gifts, which is maybe why 25 feels exciting to me. Officially entering my mid-twenties feels good and comfortable like a worn in pair of jeans and I am thankful for where we are in our lives right now. I really want to savor these relaxed, non-working days while they last. The change we experienced in the past year was difficult but deeply rewarding in all I learned. My prayer is that this next year would grow my character, deepen my faith, and sweeten my friendships. I'm learning more and more that "living the life you want" requires intentionality and discipline. So I decided to be intentional with the last days of good ol' 24 and made a list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25.

Here it goes...

1. Plant something new in my garden
2. Be inspired by my ministry hero Reggie Joiner
3. Host Easter brunch
4. Try a new happy hour
5. Make the black and white curtains for our bedroom
6. Spend a whole day doing nothing productive
7. Visit the Oregon Gardens
8. Have a picnic
9. Drink a chai latte during the afternoon while reading a good book!
10. Go for a bike ride
11. Finish reading Bittersweet
12. Try Zumba for the first time
13. Plant herbs
14. Make breakfast for my girlfriends & I
15. Set up our patio for summer (which means sanding and staining the furniture!)
16. Make a spring wreath
17. Reorganize the kitchen cupboards (I know, it sounds like a chore, but it will feel great to have it finished!)
18. See the movie"Water for Elephants"
19. Create dinner & dessert without any recipes (and preferably with farmer's market ingredients)
20. Make a flower pillow
21. Successfully start and finish the laundry in one day
22. Spray paint something =)
23. Sell/give unwanted items piling up in the garage
24. Get my new blog up and running (Yes, there is a new blog!!)
25. Reflect on the last year and dream about the year to come.

I'll keep you posted on how I do!

1 comment:

  1. Great list Jessica! We can't wait to see the new blog. Can I come when you try Zumba? So much fun! This is a great idea. :)