April 27, 2011

Kahluie Louie

Every March I get to make my Kahluie Louie cake for our dear friend Phil. Over the years Louie has adapted, changed, and gotten better, hopefully just like ourselves. The basics of Louie has always been the same: coffee, Kahlua, and a chocolate cake base. This year I decided to make almost a "torte" of sorts. The layers consisted of chocolate cake, kahlua ganache, chocolate cake, kahlua cream cheese frosting, and then repeat!

I would share the recipe with you, but really it is just a collaboration of tasting, adjusting, and making up the recipe in the moment! Louie originated in several failed attempts to make a tiramisu cake and has become a special "recipe" in our home. Cooking & baking is the beautiful art of failing, learning, adapting, creating, and rejoicing. The more I cook, the more I learn to carry these traits into the rest of my life.

Here's to Phil and a wonderful year ahead of joy, blessings, and new surprises. May you, like our dear Louie, continue to become better each year. =)

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