April 26, 2011

what's next for toms?

I love my toms. They have seen me through every season including rainy days, over the Brooklyn Bridge in NY, walking an entire day at Disneyland, and to little trips to the grocery store. Whenever I slip them on I am reminded that there is pain and injustice and hurt in the world. Countless people go everyday without shoes, clean water, and proper health care. I am reminded that there is a lack in the lives of many where I have surplus. That there is longing where I have greed. It is a sweet reminder to me when I wear my Toms that this world is big and I can do something to make someone else's problem my own.

I believe in Toms because they believe that regular people like myself can actually do something to make the world better.

Toms recently announced that they will no longer be just a shoe company by a "One for One" company. I am eager to hear what they are unfolding. Check out this video...

TOMS: The Next Chapter from TOMS on Vimeo.

Any ideas???

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