January 31, 2011

sneak peek

On Thursday we are throwing our first "Gender Reveal Party" for our dear friends Kevin and Abbey. This sweet couple is expecting their second child in May/June and will find out this Thursday at their ultrasound appt if the new little addition will be a girl or boy!

We are all very anxious to find out ourselves so we decided let's make a party out of it! We'll play bunco as a group and the person with the most baby buncos =) will get to open a very large box and either blue or pink balloons will fly out. Everyone is to wear pink if they think it's a girl and blue if they think it's a boy.

One thing is for sure... this baby is already being celebrated and I can guarantee that either way there will be a smile on my face at the end of the night.

To be filled with goodies...


  1. Sooooo excited! Love these sneak peeks I must say. And I think I am equally excited for the party as I am to find out what we are having! : ) So blessed by you guys.

  2. What a testimony to the love of God! What wonderful friends you and Kevin have Abbey. I have never heard of such a party. I just love it!

    Thank you Jessica, Jordan and everyone else that is putting this together. Wish we could be there.