February 2, 2011

spray paint adventures

So I'm thinking I will need to create an ongoing log of my "spray paint adventures" because I have found so many fun reasons to spray paint lately! Here is my latest creation all thanks to a little can of white spray paint. =)

I found this little cabinet at Goodwill and felt like there was a beautiful cabinet just dying to come out of this ugly thing!
Had to share too that it was "red sticker day" so I actually got it for an additional 50% off. A sale at Goodwill? Double bonus!
In process...
The finished product! We planned on hanging it in one of the bathrooms but as we went to hang it, there just wasn't a good spot. We started thinking outside the box and both thought would make the perfect entry way piece! Jordan added the 3 hooks on the bottom (also spray painted!) so we can hang keys.
I love that I can stick outgoing mail, redbox movies, or whatever on top as a reminder before I pop out the door!
I already had the spray paint so my total out of pocket cost was $3.50. Not bad!

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