March 31, 2011

island fun

As I write this post the dryer is busy humming in the background as we unpack and settle back into life at home. It was another great year at Captiva! I was so thankful for the two weeks I was able to spend with Jordan's family (and the beach!). Both of Jordan's grandparents had some health issues and we were thankful to be able to be at their side to help or just spend time together. This trip was so special because of the sweet and real reminder that each moment is precious and truly a gift.

The folks at "Jensens" (where we stay) have happy hour every day around 5. Jordan and I would bring cards and/or cribbage and enjoy the snacks and sunshine!
"The Lazy Flamingo" has amazing food, but usually a long wait! We were bored so we took silly pictures and then found these mustaches in the quarter machine. They definitely provided great entertainment!
Dick and Bev are such a sweet couple that we look forward to seeing each year! Dick worked for Polaroid once upon a time and helped create two of Jordan's all time favorite cameras. We love hearing their stories and Dick's crazy antics.
The view behind us is of the marina at which we stay. Gorgeous, right?
Such a beautiful woman who's joy is infectious!
Eating at the airport before the long journey back to the rain!

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