April 3, 2011

highlights from our week

To end a great week and weekend, I thought I'd share a few highlights from it!

We came home from our trip to a real & beautiful orchid, wine, and chocolates from our sweet neighbors and house-sitters!
Learned that our local Target will be starting to offer fresh produce and groceries starting in June. It's fun to see the store transform and I'm interested to see if said produce will be appealing??
Received "just because" flowers from my sweetie...
Spend lots of hours doing post-vacation laundry which inspired organizing and color-coding. Ahh joy.
Celebrated my sister's ENGAGEMENT! We couldn't be more happy for them and were overjoyed that I was asked to be the Matron of Honor and Jordan was asked to marry the sweet couple. =)
And a sneak peek at our new shared office. More to come on the making of this desk and before and after shots of the room.

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