April 19, 2011

crafting : pom poms

Poms Poms have become all the rage, being used in all kinds of couture and unusual settings. Here's a few examples I've seen lately...

Totally cute, right? So I decided to make a few to try it out and see how I do. It ended up working great and being significantly cheaper than the $17.99 Martha Stewart version being sold at Michaels.The only costs included ribbon and tissue paper (both of which I owned which = FREE). Even had I needed to purchase the tissue and ribbon, it would still be under $4.

So I started out with some tissue...
Next I accordion folded it and tied the ribbon tight in the middle. Using sharp scissors I cut the ends to round them off. Like so...
Then you gently pull out the tissue to "fluff" it and start rounding out the shape. The first one was a little awkward looking, but once I started playing with it, I quickly found a method that worked for me.

Ta Da!

Here they are dressing up the table, but I'm thinking of ways to change it up, maybe I'll hang them in a cluster above our new cabinet?

Until next time,

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