April 21, 2011

organizing : master bath

With a little extra time on my hands ;) I have been making the most of said time by doing some organizational projects! One of my projects this week was to tackle our bathroom.

Here are the before shots:

And after:

All in all, it wasn't too much of a change, but a nice tidy up. We removed excess toiletries which eliminated our need for the brown basket. We moved the shaving equipment away to de-clutter and then added the topiary and plate. The heart banner was something I made for Valentine's Day but when taking it down from it's original spot in our house, I thought it was too cute to be put away. Now it is re-purposed here and matches great.

I found this darling little plate in the clearance section of Antro and we use it for our essentials.
I spotted this little cup at Elephant's Delicatessen in their little home section and knew it would be perfect for make-up brushes and glosses.

Stay tuned for more organizing adventures!

1 comment:

  1. The flowers and pretty garland just add that special touch! Nice job!